Coming to a Suburb Near You!

Watching the chaos unfold in our cities over the past few months, many Americans in the suburbs have consoled themselves with the thought that at least it's not happening in their neighborhoods.

Just wait.

If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get elected, BLM and Antifa will be headed to a suburb near you. How do we know this? Just take a look at Biden and Kamala's histories.

In the 8 years he was Vice President, Joe Biden's only domestic policy accomplishment was the "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" (AFFH) rule. It was enacted at the end of 2015, and thankfully Trump put a stop to it just before it could wreak havoc all across the country.

The rule would have basically forced suburbs all over America to allow massive housing projects to be built right in the middle of their neighborhoods, and relocated low income residents from the cities now burning to every suburb across the country. Local zoning laws would be abolished, which would prohibit single-family home neighborhoods. It was basically a school "busing" program but for your neighborhood.

Don't take our word for it - just read these:

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- New York Post

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If Joe Biden is elected the first thing he will do as president is restore the AFFH rule.

In fact, Joe Biden pushed for public housing in the suburbs in his very first campaign for public office, way back in 1969. This is what he believes in.

Think the police will be able to protect you from the inevitable crimewave?

Nope! - Biden has endorsed the "Defund the Police" movement and Kamala refuses to condemn it. Police budgets and officer numbers will continue to be slashed under the Democrats just when we need them the most:

But you can at least protect yourself and your family with guns, right?


Meet Beto O'Rourke - his one and only big moment in the 2020 primaries was this quote:

And here's what Biden said to Beto when he endorsed him a few months ago:

As bad as Beto is, Kamala Harris (who everyone knows will really be running things in a Biden administration) may actually be worse on the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees our gun rights. Listen to 2nd Amendment expert Colion Noir on Kamala's history on gun confiscation:

Kamala's also the first major party candidate in almost 50 years to be in favor of school "busing", so you can look forward to sending your children off to some burned out shell of a school in the middle of a riot zone:

But surely the riots will be over by then, right?

Nope! Just listen to Kamala:

I guess that's why Kamala was raising funds to bail out the rioters who committed offenses so bad that they were actually tracked down and put in jail (most of the rioters and looters got away with it):

This fund bailed out armed robbers, murderers and rapists. People have died because these rioters were let back out on the streets by Democrats.

But it's not just Kamala - dozens of Biden's campaign staffers have contributed thousands of dollars to the bail fund, and Biden hasn't fired any of them or even asked them to apologize or explain themselves.

Please remember, what you've been seeing on TV and online for the past few months is just a sneak preview of what your life will look like if the Democrat party isn't shown that the American people find this behavior completely unacceptable. This is coming to your neighborhood if we don't put a stop to it now.

Maybe you vote Democrat every year and hate the Republicans - and especially Trump. But if you reward this violence and chaos with your vote, you're just going to get more of it.

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